The 3rd Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

At long last, I welcome you to the third ADBC.

A big thank you to Sharon Wachsler. Without her, this carnival, let along this post, would not even exist. She not only did a great deal of work contacting bloggers, but also helped me get my plans in order.

There were many amazing entries from a number of bloggers. I found many brought me a fresh perspective on topics I had only previously granted passing thoughts. I am honored to host this carnival for this great group of people and I hope you will all enjoy the posts as much as I did.

I’ve separated the posts into a  few different categories. These are very loosely defined, but hopefully will be helpful.

The reactions of assistance dogs, retired dogs, puppies and non working dogs:

  • Cyndy Otty at Gentle Wit has a post about guide dogs dealing with retirement. She talks about the two guides she’s handled that are now retired, and covers the different responses they’ve had to retirement. Her post is titled Retiring Reactions.
  • Katrin, blogging at By My Side, brings us a story of James the assistance dog and his interesting experience in a zoo. Take a trip down to the post, Memory Lane.

The reactions of the general public, family and friends:

  • Kali at Brilliant Mind Broken Body has a moving post about how some folks feel entitled to the time, images and energy of assistance dogs and their handlers which looses sight of the entire reason these dogs are in public to begin with. The post, He’s not here for you is insightful and a must read.
  • L^2, writer of Dog’s Eye View, brings us Teach Them Well. I always enjoy L^2′s posts and this was no exception. The pitch prefect capture of certain obvious statements you end up hearing while out and about was a treat to read.
  • Jen, writing at Paws for Thought has written about reaction to her guide dog. Reactions to OJ was an enjoyable read and I enjoyed the contrast between the reactions of children and those of adults.
  • Kelley  who you can find at Life with Fur, brings us Dogs and family. The post is about foster puppies and I found it to be a fresh point of view.
  • Sam at Rasing Romero has posted Reactions To Romero. It’s about reactions to the puppy being raised and includes a favorite moment.
  • Andrea of  The Manor of Mixed Blessings wrote a post I wish was beamed into the heads of a grand number of ” dog people.” That informative post is Service Dog Etiquette for Dog Lovers. Due to some comments, a follow up, On Dogs and Shoes was also posted.
  •  The Pawpower Pack, writing at The Dog House, has a very unique post about along circulating myth regarding Dobermans. It is Reactions to Laveau’s Brain.

The reactions of handlers, trainers and puppy raisers:

  • Ashley at The CRPS Girl has just recently begun her partnership with her assistance dog. She writes about both of their first reactions to each other and her feelings before the match. The First Reaction: Assistance Dog Blog Carnival brought a smile to my face.
  • Patti Brehler, who writes at Plays with Puppies,  posts about meeting the new handler of the puppy she raised. I really liked the unconventional formatting of her post, REACTIONS: Meeting LD Mike’s New Handler.
  • Brooke of Ruled By Paws has a post up, Perfect For Me. It covers the choice of a school and dealing with the results of that decision.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone for submitting posts and I am very sorry about the delay on this post. Your posts lead me on a journey though so many emotions and I am grateful for all of them. We have great bunch of topics to read through and I know people will enjoy these writings.

If there is anything I’ve misinterpreted, misattributed or otherwise messed up, please don’t be afraid to comment. It’s been a wild week and I’m still not at my best.