Announcing the 3rd Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

I’ll be hosting the 3rd round of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival. I’m very excited to have chance to host this blog carnival and connect with some great writing, along with more of the online community. If you’re not sure what blog carnival is exactly, Sharon at After Gadget, the founder of this carnival has compiled a very useful post about the blog carnival.

This round of the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival is about Reactions. Many service dog partner know all about the reactions of the public, but this topic can be about much more than that. What about the reactions of friends and family members to the idea of you starting  partnership? If you’re a puppy raising, what was your reaction to actually having a puppy in the house and then needing to let them go? What about the first time you saw an assistance dog, or when you first had an access challenge? If you train, what about your first training hurdle, where it just seemed like you dog wasn’t getting it?

These aren’t the only topics you can write on, just a few ideas. Feel free to go with whatever feels right to you. Remember, you don’t need to have an assistance dog to participate, your post just needs to be related to them.

The deadline for link submissions is April 25th. Please feel free to contact me if you need a bit more time. To submit your links, please comment on this post with 3 things. I’ll need the name of your blog, the title of your post and the url or a link to your post. Don’t just link your blog in general, I’d prefer not to go post hunting.

Please keep in mind the accessibility of your blog. One quick way to check for problems is with WAVE – Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool. It’s not prefect, but it can point out major issues. Sharon also put together an Accessibility Cheat Sheet. CAPTCHA for comments makes it impossible for many people to comment, even with the audio option, so it would be good to turn it off. You can always use comment moderation which I find works well.

I look forward to seeing all your posts in April!

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33 thoughts on “Announcing the 3rd Assistance Dog Blog Carnival

  1. [...] Read all the details here. [...]

  2. I love the topic! I have so many ideas- can we only do one entry? LOL

  3. Artie says:

    Hi. My Blog is
    Service Dogs and Me: The ramblings of a Middle Aged woman, and her plunge into the world of Service Dogs.

    My first post (and what started me blogging) was Reactions. I do have a few posts about them, but I thought i would enter my maiden post:

    “The People that you Run into when you are a Service Dog Handler”

    There is also the post “The Dog & Human Show”

  4. Andrea says:

    Hi! My blog is The Manor of Mixed Blessings and I’m submitting the following:

    Service Dog Etiquette for Dog Lovers

    There’s also a follow-up because some people objected to my shoe analogy: On Dogs and Shoes

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  6. [...] were so many tempting topics to write about for the third Assistance Dog Blog Carnival, the theme for which is “Reactions.” Some options were my MCS reactions and how they [...]

  7. Done! Submitting early for a change of pace!

    Blog: After Gadget

    Post: What Kind of Dog Is That? Reactions to a Bouvier Service Dog


    Thank you for doing this!

  8. Hi, Thanks for hosting the carnival!

    My blog is found at

    And my entry is here -

    Brooke & the ruled by paws gang

  9. L^2 says:

    My blog is: Dog’s Eye View
    And my ADBC post is: Teach Them Well

    Thanks for hosting! :-)

  10. [...] with physical, psychiatric, or cognitive disabilities), please consider including your post in the upcoming Assistance Dog Blog Carnival, hosted by The Trouble Is… You can find details about the theme and the deadline on her website. I’ve  already read [...]

  11. My blog is called “Raising Romero”
    My ADBC post is called “Reactions to Romero”

    Sam and Romero

  12. Here is my submission to the carnival:

    my blog: plays with puppies

    title of my post: REACTIONS: Meeting LD Mike’s New Handler


    thanks for this opportunity!

    patti and FLD Gus

  13. Allison Nastoff says:

    The title of my blog is Gilbert and Me: Life with my Guide Dog. My post is called “I Want to Get a Guide Dog Just for the Hell of It”. The link is
    Thanks. I look forward to reading the carnival!

  14. Jenny says:

    my blog is Paws For Thought and my post is titled reactions to OJ

  15. [...] Want to know more about the ADBC? For the low-down on the carnival, in general, click on the “About the ADBC” link on my menu to the right. For info on April’s edition, read all the details here. [...]

  16. Curasmom says:

    I may need a 1-2 day extension to get my post ready – I am traveling and may not be able make the Monday deadline. Please let me know if this is alright!

    • Cyndy Otty says:

      I could use this as well. I had intended to write the post already, but time got away from me and I was also away this past weekend. If that’s not possible, I can forgo submitting for this carnival, but I do have a post idea in mind.

  17. I have inadvertently written a second post about reactions! It’s up to you if you want to use it or not.

    Blog: After Gadget


    Title: Washout? Part 2: What Happens to Barnum?

    When I tell people I am grappling with the question of whether to wash out Barnum, virtually everyone’s first reaction is to ask whether I’m going to get rid of Barnum. Ugh.

  18. The Pawpower Pack says:

    My entry is entitled “Reactions to Laveau’s Brain, and can be found here
    My blog is called “The Dog House.”

  19. Ashley says:

    Blog: The CRPS Girl
    Post: The First Reaction

    Thanks for hosting!

  20. Kelly says:

    My blog is called Life with Fur

    My reactions post is called Dogs and Family

    Happy reading!

  21. brilliantmindbrokenbody says:

    Life’s been kicking me in the butt – I’ll have my post up tomorrow!


  22. Curasmom says:

    Hi! I made it! Well, an hour late, but still . . .

    This is Curasmom from
    My contribution this carnival is: ADBC: Reactions

    I hope I an not too late!!

    I look forward to reading everyone’s posts.

  23. brilliantmindbrokenbody says:

    I’m Kali of Brilliant Mind, Broken Body. You can find my contribution for this Carnival here

    Thanks for putting this edition together!


  24. Cyndy Otty says:

    Hope this isn’t too late but thank you regardless. My blog is Gentle Wit and my post is: Retiring Reactions.

    Thanks for hosting!

  25. [...] post was written as part of the third Assistance Dog Blog Carnival. This edition’s theme is “Reactions” and further information can be found here on [...]

  26. […] post was written as part of the third Assistance Dog Blog Carnival. This edition’s theme is “Reactions” and further information can be found here on […]

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